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Here are the stories that affected me the most, as a journalist and as a human being. Some of them are sad and some are joyful. Some were great fun to report and to write; some not so much. I’m proud of all of them.

Read about them here and check ‘em out on the list at right:

The Passion of Johnson County Long-legged tales from the county of  character

“It’s a warm spring Saturday in Burleson, and inside a tidy brick house on a tree-lined street in this Fort Worth suburb, a group of women are giggling over a pink penis-shaped vibrator. The women–old and young, mothers and daughters, friends and strangers–have gathered for some good old-fashioned girl talk and the slightly naughty fun of a Passion Party. It’s kind of like a Mary Kay party, with sex toys, oils, and accessories instead of eyeliners, foundation, and lipstick.”

Shelter From the StormThe Fort Worth tornado takes out an inner-city neighborhood and uncovers a dirty little secret

“Twelve-year-old Juan Hernandez curled up in his bedroom closet as a tornado slammed into his family’s small, frame house in the Linwood neighborhood just west of downtown Fort Worth. His mom, dad, and two brothers only made it as far as the hallway, where they huddled together as the house shook, electric lines snapped, and tiles flew off of the roof. Barely a month had passed since they’d sunk their entire life’s savings, $2,000, into a down payment on the house. Now it seemed the house wouldn’t last the night. “I thought, ‘This is it. It’s going to get us,’” Juan remembers. “I thought we were gonna die.”

The Last Oil Baron Is Tex Moncrief an innocent victim of the IRS ‘Gestapo’ or just a ‘mean, litigious bastard’?

“It was a tale to excite the most jaded old pol in search of a hot campaign issue. With a quavering voice, 78-year-old Fort Worth oilman W.A. “Tex” Moncrief sat before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee on April 29, and told how an IRS investigation of his family business and a subsequent raid on his office had almost ruined his life. “If you had told me that 64 IRS agents would storm my office, with sidearms holstered and boot heels trampling my civil rights and my business reputation, I wouldn’t have believed you,” he said.”

A Death ForetoldEven a Tot’s Short, Tortured Life Can’t Keep Our Child Protective System From Its Family-First Policies

“Amanda Bush was just a baby herself on July 12, 1989, but she still has memories of how her little sister died. Maranda Bush was 18 months old when, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner would later rule, her skull was smashed like the shell of a stepped-on hardboiled egg and she was suffocated.”

Why Be Afraid of Marilyn Manson? A parent examines the Antichrist Superstar and finds he’s not the problem

“He doesn’t look dangerous, this skinny kid in the ghoulish makeup and the too-tight black suit. It’s July 31, 1997, and thousands of parents like myself are tuned in to Politically Incorrect tonight to catch a rare televised glimpse of the man the American Family Association says is trying to snatch our kids’ hearts and minds and deliver them to the Devil.”

Johnson County JihadElection results aren’t quite what the Queen of the County expects

Bringing Home the BaconRep. Kay Granger brings home the bacon … and a little something extra

Does Cheerleading Kill Braincells?Tiny tots learn that there’s more to popularity than being cute

The Next Plano?Highway 121 will be the yellow brick road to Johnson County, but there ain’t no Emerald City

Beasts of the (Oil) FieldAt the Fort Worth Zoo, visitors learn of the positive effects of big money and big business on the environment … and hunting

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